XIII No One Is Innocent, phase 3

For 15 years and with 12 editions to date, the International Symposium on Contemporary Art Theory (SIT_AC) has been the most visible program of Patronato de Arte Contemporáneo (PAC). Throughout these years, each symposium was conceived as an experiment in which different formats, settings and speaker profiles were tried. Thus we have come to its 13th edition, where SIT_AC has been restructured to develop mid- and long-term ideas, in order to create a collective discussion aimed to build bridges between diverging initiatives and to encourage increasingly incisive projects that concur in a critical analysis of the current socio-politcal process. 

Under the title No One Is Innocent, SIT_AC XIII is addressing a specific art community where we are all active participants and share the responsibility of its continuing composition. The framework for SIT_AC XIII is to debate certain issues of the global art scene, which at present, have become particularly relevant in terms of the local context. Such issues include the limits between public and private endeavours; the role played by the state in contemporary creative production and dissemination; the weakening of borders separating mercantile and cultural interests; and the media’s influence on the public’s perception of artistic practice. These certainly provide a proper ground to conduct a common reflection and to define new approaches and strategies to deal with them according to our practices and contexts.  

 SIT_AC XIII is conceived as a multiple-phase format. The first set of lectures took place in Mexico City during April. These were followed by NODOS, which consisted of various self-organized activities (seminars, public debates, etc.) carried out from May to September, 2016, which stemmed from initiatives from both players and institutions throughout the national territory. The records of these actions have been included in SITAC’s web site (sitac.org). Also, on September 24th an encounter will take place at Museo Jumex to exchange and discuss those particular experiences on a wider context. 

The third phase of SIT_AC XIII will take place in Puebla, in collaboration with Museo Amparo and Universidad de las Américas Puebla (UDLAP); for the first time the symposium will take place outside Mexico City, and in a strictly academic context.  

The contents of SIT_AC XIII have been developed by a work-group, coordinated by PAC, with Christian Gómez, Rafael Lemus, María Minera, Carmen Serra, and Pilar Villela.