Consideraciones para un sindicato de trabajadors de lo inmaterial
17 of Jun
18:00 hrs

The Coming Politics: Fugitivity, Autonomy, Communization 

Facing unrelenting waves of austerity and dispossession, we increasingly find ourselves destitute -- beings without worlds, eviscerated bodies integrated into global circuits clinging desperately to the tattered threads of the social fabric. Incessantly, we seek to name the object of the general antagonism to which we know we belong. We speak of the Spectacle, Biopolitics, the Hydra, the Anthropocene, (settler) Colonialism and Patriarchy. Intuitively, we recognize that our lives, and indeed life itself, has been captured and ensnared. And in our desperation, we too often reach for a politics we know -- another election, another Party, another representation of a future which gives us enough hope to survive this impoverished present. And yet we still don't escape the Fortress in which we find ourselves imprisoned, for such a Politics is nothing more than "the glorious stagecraft of bodies without worlds". As Moten and Harney put it, "Politics is an ongoing attack on the Common – the general and generative antagonism – from within the surround." 

Politics must be transformed into Tiqqun, into repairing and returning beings to the world, to their common home. To practice Tiqqun, we have to jump the fences of enclosure, and becoming fugitives, care for each other on the other side. We must escape the Fortress and return to the underCommons, the Open, the Surround, the space of the anarchic promiscuity of life and reproduction that exists before and beyond. For us this is not a choice, for our politics is not one of choices. It is the unpayable social debt we owe each other. "We owe each other the indeterminate. We owe each other everything." 

This bilingual research collective, building on our previous exploration of Agamben's the Coming Community, will explore emerging theoretical and (anti-)political tendencies that seek to restore the Commons, the autonomous domain of the reproduction of (social) life to the center of analysis. We will begin by reading the Undercommons, a book that explores the black radical tradition's contribution to this vein of social and political thought. We will then continue, time permitting, by reading works by Tiqqun, The Invisible Committee, Lauren Berlant, Woodbine, Sylvia Federici and others. We may also try and incorporate explorations of autonomous social movements that exist in Mexico, presentations, film screenings and field trips. 

Friday june 17th
Biquini Wax kitchetn
06:00 pm

We will discuss the chapter Politics Surrounded 

If possible read the whole book Undercommons

(Download the reading in the following link)

Sam Law will make food


  • 3. The Production of Art Value

Organized by

  • Daniel Aguilar Ruvalcaba
  • Sandra Sánchez
  • Alejandro Gómez Arias


  • Biquini Wax