About SIT_AC

The International Symposium on Contemporary Art Theory (SIT_AC) is a periodical event organized by Patronato de Arte Contemporáneo (PAC) that aims to promote a critical discussion on contemporary art. As of 2016, SIT_AC adopted a different time frame, in order to develop ideas in depth, in a broader spectrum of dialogue with the artistic community. As a result of this experience, it is now conceived as a continuous program with different public moments and work rhythms.

SIT_AC Ediciones. SIT_AC is an international event that brings together leading participants in the practice, theory and history of art to discuss specific themes. The theme for each edition is proposed by guest directors and it receives feedback from an advisory committee. The symposium format allows a broader diffusion of the artistic ideas among the public, the students, the artists and related disciplines.

SIT_AC Nodos. Nodos are a series of activities designed to encourage the exchange between cultural production of the different regions of the country. The main objective of these initiatives is to facilitate a horizontal, plural and multidisciplinary discussion. SIT_AC Nodos enables conditions to deepen and extend the discussion of the themes addressed in different editions of SITAC, together with other important current issues.