What's Left... What Remains?

23/Jan/08 — 26/Jan/08, Centro Cultural Universitario Tlatelolco
Director: Ute Meta Bauer

The sixth edition of SITAC establishes the ground to explore and discuss the role of institutions and cultural producers at a time in which public spaces are disappearing worldwide and government mandates are being transferred to the private sector. In the globalized art market, consumption is becoming more critical and important that the notion of agency disappears. What’s left? What remains?… Not only questions how neoliberalism affects cultures in different parts of the world but also wondering what is the student movement of 1968 and its impact on societies. Last but not least, SITAC reflects on what remains of Gramsci’s notion of the artist as an organic intellectual.


1. What's left... What remains?

Introductory table by Ute Meta Bauer and lecture by David Harvey.

2. Panel I

Yvonne P. Doderer (Profesora de Estudios de Género e Investigación Urbana, Universidad de Ciencias Aplicadas, Düsseldorf) Oliver Marchart (Profesor de Sociología en la Universidad de Lucerna) Santiago García Navarro (Escritor, Buenos Aires)

3. Panel II

Panel II

Amar Kanwar (Artista y Cineasta independiente, Nueva Delhi) Joan Jonas (Artista, Nueva York)

4. Panel III

Srdjan Jovanovic Weiss y Katherine Carl (Fundadores de NAO y de School of Missing Studies, Filadelfia) Vangelis Vlahos (Artista, Atenas) Carla Fernández (Diseñadora de modas, Ciudad de México)

5. Panel IV

Osvaldo Sánchez (Director del Museo de Arte Moderno, Ciudad de México) Conferencia Magistral: John Beverley (Autor y profesor de Literatura Latinoamericana, Universidad de Pittsburgh)

Carles Guerra (Artista y curador, Barcelona) Gediminas and Nomeda Urbonas (Artistas, Vilnius)

6. Panel V

Gabriela Rangel (Directora de Artes Visuales, Americas Society, Nueva York) Lee Weng Choy (Curador y Director Artístico de Substation Arts Center, Singapur)