Just Art

22/Jan/15 — 24/Jan/15, Teatro Julio Castillo
Director: Carin Kuoni

SITAC XII states that artists and their projects - working in collaboration with other disciplines and agents out of the art scene- can trace the way towards the creation of more just societies. 

With three research lines, the complexity of justice is studied within education, food and gender, and the starting line are these three international art projects and their counterparts in Mexico, hosted by the Estudio SITAC program. The New Delhi based artist, Amar Kanwar and his project Sovereign Forest in collaboration with CaSA: Centro delas Artes de San Agustín Etla and La Curtiduría, both in Oaxaca; Sandi Hilal and Alessandro Petti from Palestine with School under a tree, in collaboration with Fundación Alumnos 47; sound collective Ultra-red´s Vogue-ology, with Campus Expandido and Museo Universitario de Arte Contemporáneo (MUAC).


1. Justicia alimentaria