The Future: The Long Count Begins Again

09/Feb/12 — 11/Feb/12, Teatro Julio Castillo
Director: Shuddhabrata Sengupta

The future has been with us for as long as we can remember. And yet we await its arrival forever. The future is the next minute, tomorrow, the end of the current decade, the closing of this century, that distant foggy promontory of thousands of years from now and the farthest reaches of the deep time yet to come. The future is the horizon ahead, a road, hope, an itch, fear, a dream, a wager. The future will always be.

The first decade of every new century is usually spent squaring accounts with the last hundred years. The twentieth century only really got going around 1914 (and to what consequences!). The ‘future’ only begins with the second decade. That time is now, again. In straddling 2011 and 2012 we are in that future already.  

SITAC X stakes a claim to this uncharted territory by bringing together artists, theorists, writers, practitioners, of the imagination and other adventures who frequent the future to come together for three days of conversation, images, debate, proposals, premonitions and prophecies in February 2012. The event, which builds on SITAC’s history of visionary discourse, will hope to lay the foundation for a new way of looking at the art world’s tomorrow.


1. Day ONE

2. Day TWO

3. Day THREE



Programa de acompañamiento

Director: Sofía Olascoaga